What is Extreme Fitness?

Extreme Fitness defined is differently for each person.  Extreme fitness training for one person could be the ability to do 30 sit-ups, while to another training for the Navy Seals; it could be doing 1,000 sit-ups.You should check out absthesecretrevealed.com if you are interested in extreme fitness.

Extreme fitness is the type of fitness that will for 70-80% your exercise time, put you at 80+% of your ability. It is exercise that will push you to and BEYOND your limits for MOST of your workout. Extreme fitness is not meant for you to just “feel” like you worked out, but it is meant for you to “feel” this workout WHILE you are working out.

Extreme fitness is NOT meant for the weak of heart. Extreme fitness systems are meant to take you to almost exhaustion and absolute excitement over the thrill of taking your body and mind to new ways of moving.

Also for those who are interested, an extreme fitness program must be taken seriously and not entered into lightly. For many, before they begin an extreme fitness system, they must consult their physician.

The thinking behind fitness pushing you to your full limits is that it is for those that want bigger and better results.  Those bigger and better results come at a price.

That price is extreme!  Also, this type of fitness IS NOT for everyone, it is only for those who have done previous workouts and want to take their bodies to the next level of fitness. When people are at this point in their fitness is also defined differently for everyone.  For some it is after doing a weight loss fitness program while others go right into buying an extreme fitness dvd.

It is important to note that pushing yourself to your physical limitation can come in many forms.  For some, it is a High Intensity Training class at their local gym. For others it may be an extreme fitness program that they may purchase from the latest infomercials.

Some of the most popular extreme fitness systems that you can buy are P90x and Chalene Extreme, and Insanity, all being able to be ordered from the largest fitness company called Beachbody.

These programs are all secondary programs. In other words, these programs are intended for the “graduates” of each trainer’s first weight loss programs and are the progression of their programs.

Lastly, extreme fitness ALSO could be an activity, like training for a half-marathon, bike-a-thon, or even a tri-a-thalon.
The path for extremity is available to everyone who wants more from their bodies; it just depends on how “extreme” one wants to be. Happy fitness! “Extreme style”